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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Living the Good Life!

You would think after doing this on and off for the better part of the day......that I wouldn't be much good fer nuthun huh.

How fucken WRONG yers are. I tell you, I worked my skinny hairy fingers to the fricken bone.

Non-stop, well not counting the bong-stop-and-sits I was non-stop.

My mother is going to come home to a top to toe sparkling clean house. Thought that would be my parting gift to her. Her fridge was growing stuff. Funny not once did I get the dry heaves and I touched the "living stuff" with bare hands. Look at me, playing at being all grown up!

My father is gunna get his *insert name of property here* sign repainted. I did it the first time round; just have to get some orange paint and practice my sign-writing skills. Think I'll do a different script this time. If he’s lucky I will do another “Beware of...” warning signs at his gate into the compound too, beings that my original one is faded to the shithouse.

Hopefully they will both come home to the ownership of two dogs. But I'm not liking their chances if that VaMi mutt doesn't quit ripping shit up. "Yeaah I've got the nearest Chinese restaurant on speed DIE-al you little prick of a dog" is what I yell from the veranda at it. Little bastard thing ignores me and carries on with what it’s doing. I found one of my foot thongs down in the yard this morning. Took me a few goes to rescue it. I can see this is part ii in my life, with having to outwit/outsmart/out survive someone else’s fucken dog...yes, the omittance of outplay was intentional.

I believe I will once again be svelte. Just going by the amount of times I have to get up and go down and around the triathlon course and mess with the water-tanks pump a day. Fucker. Couple of times I’ve thought it has HAD it...only to have it kick in on my third or fourth go at it. I know my cursing scares it into starting, eventually.

I love this little dude!

I’ve named him Lyzard Un-Skynnered. First saw him near the compound gate then yesterday noticed him atop Wood-Henge doing his “If I stay verry, very still...ha! she’ll think I’m just part of the furniture”.


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