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Friday, March 02, 2007

I think I’d like to be poked in my numbed fanny.

Ninety nine percent of my worldly possessions have been dismantled and distributed amongst my heathen family. At least that's something I won't be concerned about upon my deathbed uh. My dad whined because he got a partially filled box, while my brother had a few more plus all my surviving inside plants. Luckily my sister had already collected her six plus boxes. It wasn't until I pointed out that he had my scanner in his possession, once again; and he'll be sharing all my good bickies and fun food that he quit his bellyaching.

Then he told me they weren't going away until Tuesday. WHUT??!...No! Tim bloody Tam bickies for him! That's bloody three nights and two days I'll have to put up with them pair out there. Unless he was joking, like he was about my bequest to him of that scanner, five bars of soap and the return of two of his police magazines. Heh I am so bloody “giving” I do amaze myself at times.

I’m positive my sister Lesley will adore the religious plaque that is in her last goodie box. It was a gift to me from Mamie, LFB‘s red-headed, stepsister who isn’t 100% right. Is it wrong to re-gift The Lord...“Oh How I Laughed, when I put this in here” was what I wrote on the fluoro sticker that I stuck to it.

So here I sit surveying only part of what I need to clean tomorrow. I Thank Bubbha that my medical is all over and done with. I clean so much better with a good buzz on. Maybe I better get a sooperbuzz happening. Got the whole place to clean and scrub so as to get my six week bond back. Five hundred and 80 bucks...yes thanks!

Asked The Good Dick about taking me to Sydney for my interview Monday after next coming. Still not completely sure how I’m ‘planning’ it yet. Either stay at our friends place about three hours out of Sydney and travel down by train. Or stay at our friends, have The Good Dick drive me to the western suburbs of Sydney and catch the train from there. My hopes did perk up when he thought that Martin Place [where the US Consulate is located] actually has a railway station[??]...something about the City-Circle railway line. I vaguely remember it but I always got off at Central, so dunno really.

Fuck just remembered, they have machines that do yer tickets now. Always so much simpler to say “a return to Central please” to the person behind the ticket window. I will be learning the new ways of train travel fast. Either learn damn quick or get trampled, pushed or stomped by the masses, whilst trying. Hope I don’t cause a pile-up at the electronic ticketed turnstiles. Oh well, least I won't be crushed to death with a full bladder.

Whoah this may all soon be over. Damn aye.

Well bugger, my leg is waking up. Hate those bloody pins and needles that you get. Although it mades me laugh when I’d lightly kick or poke The LFB in his leg, when he had them. You ever do that or have it done to you? Makes you feel all giggly and weak like while the numbness is wearing off.

Try it!



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