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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A picturesque post...Prepare yeself.

Old man Emu. My mother told me to do something to make it move. So I yelled at it. Freaaked it the fuck out, started racing along the boundary fence with it's long neck stretched out trying to find a gap in it. Up, back, up back, repeat. I felt bad for stressing it out, then my Mum says I meant for you to wave yer hand because sometimes they'll come closer wondering what the movement is. I didn't think you were going to yell at it. Oops my bad.

Detailed instructions next time please Mother Mia!

*note to self* try rolling the window down all the way next time.

But does give a nice breaker from what's speeding by and what isn't.

Here's the proof that Elvis never left the bloody building, he's here making a living by being a fruitologist.

"Oi YOU stop lazing around in the sun. Yer just like a lizard flat out drinking".

Well yes, it was dead. That bloody Mia person tried to get me to put my sunglasses on it and then take the photo.

Yes funny. Now shut it and drive on Mia!

Coming back. Early, very bloody early morning.

Look it's the frigging Holy Tree!!

Can you see the shroud around the tree?...or do I have a cataract?

Whoa might be able to make a buck out of this. Wonder if I can chop it down and sell it on EBay.


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