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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Was it only yesterday that I was marvelling over myself?

About just how un-nervous I'm actually being.

This time and day next week, I will be sitting in a car whining "are we theeeere yeett?" on our trek down to Sydney. The Good Dick will no doubt just turn up the radio to drown me out.

Tomorrow, this time next week I will be sitting in the US Consulates office. Waiting to be interviewed.

Three hours later I might still be sitting there. On account I fucked up in the "listed" order of my documents. Apparently, if my "stuff" is not in the sequence with the photocopies directly under it; I will be sent to the back of the line.

Egads, now there's something to get my self-diagnosed "checking" OCD out and about, whut.

That is, once I find the box that I packed that shit in. Hope my Dad unloaded it from his ute and NOT my Sister's Mother.

me: "Muuum, where's that smaller box, about yay big?" *holds hands out in height and width*
mum: "uhmmm...hmmm...ahh"
me: *slowly going into squinty eyes mode*
mum: "oh it's in the back bedroom, okay not there? try the other one, or maybe it's in the shed, yes, try the shed, I'm sure I put it in the shed"
me: *twitchy eye and monobrowed*

Every now and again I have one of those "Whoa" moments.

Was taking my reward of the blog reading/comment bombing thing when I stopped and thought...

"Oh WoW, this is the last time I'll be doing what I'm doing at this particular moment in this particular place."

Whooaah Dewde!

Okay, stop talking to me now.

I have a shitload to get done. I like it, when I have umpteen dozen choices of what to do next. No really, makes domestic labour all the more fun.

But really, I think I need more...erm, motivation.


I found the beginning of a straw whirly-gig hiding in my son's room, behind his door. Just waiting, waaiting to get more powerful. Or maybe it was just trapped in the spider webs that shared it's space. Dunno. But I busted up their little partnership with me trusty vacuum. This was after I busted the vacuum lose from its own web entrapment.

Bastid spiders.

I have the glory of a whopping big redback above my front outside door. I have been watching her progress over the weeks...there's about five fat white eggs hanging around with her. Dunno if I'll take them on with me trusty broom or just leave them be. After all it's outside. Not like I'll be here for their possible home invasion caper. Already drowned/burned one in an empty pot from outside. Death by ten year old Bluebell facial astringent. Wonder if it hurt.

Funny. I was placing some washing in the machine when a wee cutely curled up spider fell out of them onto the rim of the washer. I noticed it's accompanying lovely red abdomen slash. Thinking it was dead, my nose and beadies were about five centimetres away from it, getting a better look see. When it did an impressive backspin, whilst unfolding its legs, then it flipped itself right-side up into a rather large hideous bitey thing...Ugh *splat* with my washing detergent bottle.

Okay. Played with you's enough.

Back to it.

Now. Where was I up to.

Maybe more, whut moooore! motivation and a progress checklist is required. I mean, I’m already doing the rewards programme.

Heathens room = done, all bar the washing of his window.
Oven = done, except for the top and outside cleaning of it, oh and putting everything back.
Bathroom = done, well withstanding that whole shower scrubbing, bath vacuuming and a few other minor things gig.
My bedroom = done, all but the last minute pick-up and pack, vacuuming, rearranging and window washing.
Kitchen = don’t even talk to me about the rest of the kitchen...I just got the microwave platter clean.
Laundry = oh buggerit, I have a laundry to be done.
Toilet = will soon be at the level of thy will be done.
Lounge/Dining = oh haha you make me laugh. That’s the last part done.

Hmm maybe staying an extra night will be warranted. Hmmm. Yes it was.

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