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~got nothing but toejam~
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Picture Me!

Go’on...you know you wanna.

Yer only human.

In my slightly threadbare [in spots] shorty peejays...with Fido the spotted dog and aww he even has a black patch on his eye and his tongue sticks smilingly out...plus yellow stars plastered all over them.

With long white socks and runners on.

Why this ensemble at 11.30am 12.25 3.02 pm you may ask?

The runners are so I can do the Mexican hat dance upon any running away or worse still, running towards me spiders and bugs.

The socks are so that I may distinguish between the black hairy spiders running up my legs from my legs, for they are also appear to be black and hairy.

The peejays are so...well because I just wanna wear them, what’s it to YOU if I choose to remain in them. Huh. Punk. Arsed. Nosy. BiitcCH.

Oh how I love this packing and cleaning caper.

I know you wanna be ME.

I already said yer’s are only Human. Didn’t I?

*update* okay peejays are OFF.

NOW, picture me!



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