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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a potential DogKiller.

I just know I am.

We receive mail out here on this road twice a week. In town it gets delivered five days a week. Yep no bloody mailman come rain or bloody shine is happening every day here in Australia by boyoh...Really. I always thought that was a Yank myth til I lived there.

Anyway, Friday gone I decided I would trot on down to get it AND that I would let the Dawgs accompany me. They'd like that. Yes, Yes it was really so that the possible snake/emu/goanna might be alerted by them and either slither/run on away or bite them first.

So we get to just past the second gate.

What I like to call the "Fuck Off Gate" as it has the heavier chains and bigger padlocks on it.

When we flushed out a bloody rabbit.

It took off, with Chilli in close bloody pursuit. All I kept glimpsing was this flash of red zigzagging through the heavy scrub area...going round and back and this way and that. I of course did attempt to call her back but then thought...well fuck that's pretty bloody useless doing that. So instead I stood there and thought...Daamn, the Oldies piss off and I lose one of their friggun daawgs. Oh good on me.

Eventually I just continue on to the mailbox.

When I was most of the way there, Chilli came flying down the track after me, looking all happy and shit with herself. Her and that puppy mutt would run on ahead. Sniffing. Stopping. Detouring. Running. Stopping. Sniffing. Running. Detouring.

Then, Hmm I'm thinking bet these dawgs never go nor are allowed past the FIRST gate.

When Hark as I'm thinking that; I do hear a mighty big truck a coming down the bitumen road out front.

Oh Fuck!...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Simultaneously trying to grab at the puppy mutt while frantically calling Chilli off the road that I can now see her proudly standing upon...Yeah we know none of that worked, right.

Trucks getting LOUDER. Closer.

Me thinking all sorts of bloody things...

Oh THAT'S right. NOW I get the Oldies Dogs KILLED and splattered by a bloody Big Semi.
Do I run out and try and bloody stop the truck?...nooo it's on a bit of a bend, might make him run off the road, me suddenly appearing in his way.
Do I just hope fer the bloody best and try not to hear the thud? At least I won't hear the screech before the thud. No semi is gunna try and avoid a piddly animal.

I don't know why but I turned and started to head back on up to the house. Calling them both, hoping the buggers would follow me.

I can't tell you how bloody relieved I was when a red then a blue cattle dog shot past me.

Next time.

Fuck that walking down caper. I'm driving.


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