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~got nothing but toejam~
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Now, I dunno if its all this communing with nature bizo around me.

But I know I could live this life here at my Oldies place very bloody easily.

Pushing aside the thought of claiming Squatters Rights. Although I DO have the means to defend them...the keys to the FOG plus the key to the gun cabinet.

I think I will continue my stealth like worming into my parents good books. After all, I am someway there with the "Number 1 and Favourite Daughter" email tags. I've made up the ground I lost by introducing them to my husband the LittleFatBastid.


Who often makes the remark "yeah well just don't get too bloody comfortable there okay" when I tell him about my intense like for it here.

Silly Hillbillie.

As if I could not continue on with our marriage.

I believe the insurance money will convert into nice Aussie dollars when the time comes. Now I just have to get him all insured up.

And purchase some fine Kentucky land.

Heavily treed it must be.

I'll be like the Easter bunny, only my better hidden eggs will be body parts that I let the dawgs chew up.

Maybe I should get some pigs, then my threat of "yeah well, I'd feed you to tha piiigs" would be more of a concern for him.

If the LFB didn't *think* he knew me better, I know he'd be more worried.

*sigh*...Is this another instalment of the burdensome cross I must carry?!?...my goodness to my fellow man.

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