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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I had to go vote today.

I wasn't reaally keen on having to get ready and go into town to do so but beings as I wouldn't be reaally keen on paying the fine for not doing so. I got my arse into gear and went in there. Well eventually I got in there. No sooner had I got to the bitumen road when I had to turn around and head back up the track to the house, herding those mongrel dogs before me. Bastid things followed me. Luckily I was stopped, trying to find where the volume was on the cd player. When I heard these scuffling like sounds behind me and then two bloody dawgs came shooting down the track, past my prone car and onto the road. All Happy as Larry with themselves.

Dunno if the election officials thought I was pulling a swifty because when I said my name, they couldn't find it on the roll. Naturally I thought they were just being stupid, after all, it was the school principal and his wife doing the looking. Beings I don't particularly like him much, I was thinking he was just proving it. His stupidness.

When arhaaha I asked them to look under my married name. And there I was. Stupid married name...causes me nothun but strife.

The Mrs gave me a dirty look when she explained my options on the 3ft list of candidates. I could either put a 1 in the top part or put 1 through to 15 on the bottom part. As she said that, I laughed and said "Yeah riiight, like that's gunna happen"...that's when she shot me the look. But really she shouldn't be giving me none of them looks, I mean she's getting paid to sit there and take those type of comments.

I refrained from writing on my ballot paper bad things about her. Like...Mrs Wife of the Principal sucks fat ugly stupid balding men off. The fat ugly stupid balding man being her husband.

I have come to the conclusion that the cross that I must carry in life is my friendly and engaging personality.


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