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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Various Hell's and Damnations.

Started off with the Tuesday morning from Hell. Hell I Say! Well then again, not like Hell-Hell, lets amend that to say Semi-Hell. So it started off being Semi-hell had me old meth heads for the Oldie Day Care starting their day an hour earlier than normal. Because, get this, they whined about never getting enough time at their monthly short-bus destinations. And me! being the most excellent person that I am stupidly, stoooopidly listened to their whines. Instead of saying, "Dammit you people give me the right raving shits, just take, take, take and more, more, more". I arrange for their "whine" to happen.

I tell yer, I am almost an Angel. Almost.

So with a hissy shriek at the alarm clock, I got up at 7am...well technically kinda 7.20am. Had a few of them Shuuut Up and Flick at the ole snooze button moments. But I have it set ten plus minutes fast in the first place. So when it says 7.30am its just tricking me, its like only really quarter past.

Usual morning operandi is have a smoke or two, a coffee and then a shower, get dressed and then, only then, go out and load the Blue Hornet, start it up, come back inside and brush me teeth. After it has been spewing out it's "Die, Die from carbon monoxide poisoning you F-F neighbour" fumes for five or so minutes, I then drive merrily up to work. Okay the merrily part is a complete bloody fabrication. So all was going roughly to plan until that bloody car of mine wouldn't start.

"Crap, crap, crap, Faaaarrk!".

Dashed inside, thinking who can I ring, who can I ring to score a lift off. I'd never make it walking in time. First phone call, no answer, wasting minutes that I don't have. Run back outside when I hear Sally moving about, manage to bludge a lift to work from her. In 30 minutes I add extra tables and chairs to the morning tea table, set the bloody thing for 15, set up the tea/coffee station, always good to remember to fill and whack the urn on...and I did, butter their frigging Sao biscuits, cut up some tomatoes and cheese and then add these slices to the buttered Sao's. Then count Sao's and add four or so more.

All the time wondering where the frig Ditzy is. I'm chopping up chunks of watermelon when I hear her come in, 25 minutes late, then saying to me "Oooh, I forgot they were coming earlier todaaay" and in the same breath "I was just out there taaaalking, shoulda come and got me".

Then it's me with the not letting her know about how freeeaking busy I'd been/was "Yes, well I woulda if I knew you were out there, didn't hear ya" I then send her off on a mission, mainly so she don't stand there yapping, while I start getting more twitchy about not being ready for the Jihad Geriatrics when they storm the building all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and mouth twittery at 9am.

The rest I have managed to blur and block out...for the moment.

But the good thing is. My car werks. For the fourth time I have been reminded, yes I have done this about four times in twenty years of driving. Hee. To alllways check the gear I'm in. The bloody thing was in drive when I turned the key this morning weren't it.

*sheepish arrgghaha*...Silly Me.

Heh. At least I was still smart enough to figure that was what the problem was. Just a pity I wasn't smart enough not to tell Ditzy what I'd done. It makes her do this real screetchy/slow witted laugh/voice when she gets excited.

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