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Friday, January 05, 2007

I desire minions, not opinions.

Why don't the plebeians within breathing distance of me know that.

Ou I'm feeling quite chatty and friendly. Not to worry, it won't last long. Obviously other people are feeling the same. Just by going on the amount of stinking traffic coming and eventually going from these flats. Not many of the vehicle occupants are for me. Thank fuckily. I dislike drop-ins. And if Bubbah thinks he is fooling ME when he drives in, in different vehicles. Ha. I'm on to him and his sneakiness. It’s getting so that I can tell who is here and for whom without glancing out the window. Fatcar sound...yeah that’s Bubbah. Quiet zippy car...yeah that's Sally.

Been having frightfully, I say frightfully good weather over here. All overcast and shit, windy with the occasional drop of rain. Bloody lovely. Oooh having some rain now. Ouff. Wait on, let me get a whiff of it. Love the smell of rain. I once made that same comment when in a three way with a local Goddyite and the Hostel cook Vi about a recent storm we had just had. The Goddyite replied with a "Yes, isn't He wonderful, what He does for us". My 'WTF is she ON' face matched Vi the cooks one. Then we giggled and the Goddyite went on her merry eldery way. Happy and secure in the knowledge that Jesus does indeed love her. The rest of us think she's a wee old cunt...arhaahaa I love that saying.

I'm in love with Vi the Cook. She's a crack-up. All jolly and quick with the wit like. She is never any different any time that you enter her work area. Which can't be said about the rest of the workers there. It's like walking into a charter of MoodyRudeBitchAnon. One of them I am still undecided whether she is a full blown member of the above group or if she is just people skill retarded. Some days a "hello" some days just that "blank stare through you" from her. Some days I give her one of those overbright, fake Helloohs, when we pass in the hallways just because I'm pretty sure it annoys her.

I can be all friendly and shit like that.

Just like a mongrel dog when it's dry humping yer leg.


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