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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

3.7 something kilometres...

That’s how much I walked back and forth for them crusty and musty old tarts at Day Care today. Just once I’d like to say “What! Are your legs fucking broken or something” but alas most of theirs are, well not broken exactly but you know...

So it’s just 5 more work days until I am freeeee from them, the self-fingering nurse and the Buuut she calls Bingo Day Care volunteer for nigh on 26 days. Can you hear my squeal of joy? Wait up, lemme give it another shot I am sooo sure I can get louder with it. Next Tuesday is their Christmas party...so once I’m over that and all it entails then it’s all downhill from there.

Then and only then can I truly give in to my total Catweaselly ways. The only thing that would enhance those 26 days off would be me, being able to have a few relaxing scoobs. But we know how that is...but one daaay my pritty, one frigging day you will once again be occasionally miiiine.

If I didn’t know better I would think that Friar-Fuck is following me lately. Seems every local shop I go into, the neighbour I most despise soon enters after me.

Not tooo chuffed about that. Not at all.

He had a brief flicker of recognition in his eye and the start of a smile this morning when our paths crossed. But I managed to snuff that out with a blank beady eyed look. Can’t be getting friendly [heh. yeah as if] with the arch nemesis now can we.

No. No we can’t.
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