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Monday, January 15, 2007

No good deed goes unrewarded.

Before I left, CrankyFranky threw an envelope at me. Having a good idea what was within the envelope I told him I didn't want it. "Yeah, well I don't care if you want it or not you are gunna take it mate, or I'll ring the cops!"..."What, and say I stole yer bloody car?"..."Too right, maate"...we then played a verbal ping-pong game of "Nah I don't want it" and "You'll bloody take it"...bloody crusty old fart. A more than generous crusty one at that.

As I was ushering him and his little dog too from the garage, sure as shit would have haaated to reverse over that retarded, hyper mutt, I was treated to the sight of Crankies duds falling from his frame in one smooth swoosh. Displaying him in most of his glory, with his hospital withered legs and his shirt tucked into his undies..."Now Cranky, just because you paid me doesn't mean you can flash me" I stooped over to pull his duds back up. I received a whack from his crutch for that comment. Made me laugh. Oh noo, eek...I touched an old mans bum!

Alas, no photo of me wielding my handmade sign. And I put sooo much bloody effort into it and all. Well actually no I didn't really. Four sheets of paper, a buttload of sticky tape and a black texta. I only do the glitter, streamers and balloons for people I know. The reason why no photo, had no trustworthy photographer, my sister had to bail on me because of something her husband did or didn't do. heh. Bloody Floyd!!. So I unpacked my camera and the sign, figuring hell there'll only probably be five people to get off the bus and I was right with my figuring.

Little did I know that my neighbour Doug would also pull into the transit centres car park to pick up one of the five that would be alighting from the bus. Passed the 30 odd minutes of waiting chatting to him.

The bus was on time, she didn't smell, was good company on the return drive and told Cranky to "Oh Shut Up" five minutes after she walked in his door. I liked her. Nearly as much as I like him. Bonus.


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