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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stoopid wall-hanging!

Yep that time has rolled around again when I decide that I must finish sewing that stinking wall hanging for the oldies. The time has also rolled around for me to be cursing that lazy fucken cow of a volunteer who up and left me doing it in the first place because she got a wee yappy dog jammed in her smelly bits and quit. No, I didn't start calling her a fucken lazy cow til after she quit, so that wasn't the reason for the quitting. She just didn't expect to do a great deal while she was volunteering. I mean WTF. Up yours, you hunk of dog crap.

Well I'm just slightly crabby at the moment.

Stoopid wall-hanging.

Made the mistake of answering the phone earlier, woke me from a nap so I wasn't thinking clearly. Turned out to be one of my meals on wheels clients, CrankyFranky. He just got out of the hospital after a five week stay from falling over and breaking his hip. Soon as the voice said "Is that the goddamn Yank" I knew who it was. Silly old coot calls me a Yank. I call him a crusty old fart so I reckon we're even.

Wanted to know if I would drive his car into the *next big town* over to pick up his sister Monday night from the bus stop. She's coming up from Sydney to give him a hand with his rehabilitation. Naturally I told him to piss off and slammed down the phone. Yeah, right. So guess what I'll be doing on Monday night between 7pm and 10pm. If you said dodging kangaroo's and holding up a cardboard sign with "Crusty Old Farts Sister" on it you would have guessed correctly. Hope the bus isn't running late and I hope she isn't one of them smelly old people types.

Oh well, enough of this, back to the sewing.

Stoopid wall-hanging.


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