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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm a Believer...

that the LFB is either making an attempt at "sure showing me" or he heard me when I said in our last conversation, which was [erm sun, mon...] four! days ago. Lately he has been online every two days.I said that I had bugger all to say to him. Does that sound uhm harsh? Now before you may think I was bummed out with talking to him and that's why I haven't posted in over a few days. Perish the thought, I wasn't bummed or anything similar...a special thank you goes out to Allan! it's the second or third time that I've had a good *poke* in over two years, hope it was good for you too.

I just meant fuck all can happen in two days.

Well no, actually a lot can happen in two days. Just not when you are the located in a country town whose population is just over five hundred people...I personally think on the last census that smelly old GoatLady got away with counting her herd of goats, sheep, dogs, cats, chooks, rats and, annnd,...oh her body vermin. Then when two hundred of those two and one legged bodies are currently in the surrounding hospitals a few hours away. Nah, there hasn't been an outbreak of birdflu, chainsaw massacring madmen [one can only hope for this excitement, would put us on the map baybee], a tsunami or anything cata-sendusmelotsa$$$now-strophic like that...just most of this towns folk is made up of those in God's waiting room and they keep breaking things. Mostly their body bits.

Nah, nothun much tah say bout whuts been goin on round 'ere...*lazily tugs at duds, waves a fly away*.

I bought another lotto ticket.

Every now and again I AM a BELIEVER baaybee. Yes, a believer that I could win and that money will and can buy me happiness. If I won lots and lots of it, I could explain to my employers exactly how to shove their job up their collective mangy, withered and pouchy old pusses. But nice like. I've got less than a weeks holiday left. I made an error when adding up my days away from those evil old bitching witches and that cesspit I call my workplace. Here I was, praaaactically boasting dancing because I thought I had something like 26 days off, then to work out it was/is only 18 or so. Sucks to be me huh. Heh.

Received an email from the redheaded not entirely right in the head and body step-sister-in-law. It contained a photo of the LFB and that stoopidpoddledog Maddison. Her signature line kinda made me go whuuut and fuckNO at the same time.

..."Jesus gives us courage to face each day; Stop and give thanks to Him"...

More power to her. I guess. I just have never got into the thought/mindset that I'm not responsible for my own courage. But really, the last bit could be put in a much bloody nicer way..."Why not stop and give thanks to him". She must have got in with some Goddyites. She's never had that signature before. Oh well aye. The Jesus part doesn't really bother me...I usually read that in my head as a Cheech "Heyseus".

“Heyseus geeves us courage and pot to face each day amiiigo; Stop and give thanx and a twentie to heem"...Yeah well, pfft, it makes me laugh.

Finally rang and got the banking details for the real estate office, was the third time I’d gotten the information. Keep putting the details in a very. very. safe place. Obviously, really bloody safe, can't find them. Paid some more rent via the net. Brings me up to February. I should be hearing something from immigration “late January, early February”, but that came from the same lawyer gob that spouted “by Christmas” over two months back. Yeah, Seeya in April, May. Maybe.

I made a new years resolution. Well, not reaaally a resolution. More an attempt maybe. I think I may attempt to start commenting to commenters in my comments. I like that. Hey that’s one of them suzy sellz zee seashells at zee seashore type of tongue twists. Kinda.

Okay, well its TutTah for now.

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