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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I feel the need, the need for a seeing-eye-blog.

Hey! Look at this.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hard to read huh. Now pull the corners of yer eyes as if you have had a really bad face lift. Or. Got yer pigtailed head and face caught in the short bus door. Either one will work. Another one from the Dad’s-gone-silly-with-the-emails library.

Anyway, enough of that.

I will have to start clicking on the little one arm/one legged dude in the Blogger word verifications very, very soon. Lately I stuff them up on my first attempt nearly every. bloody. time. I mean, I’m pretty sure I'm reading and typing them right. But alas no I'm wrong. Or so it reckons. Some days I know it’s just fucking with me.

And if I didn't know better I'd think there was someone here finishing off my coffee. I swear I still had those last mouthfuls left. Three times I have picked up that stinking cup to swig down the last of the dregs. EMPTY! and then I get disgusted about that. But I'm too lazy to get up and make another one. Plus soon I will forget about it being empty. And pick it up AGAIN. Dammit! I need some CLOSURE WITH MAH COFFEE.

Oooh why am I yelling? Am I deaf as well?!?

Had a visit from Masey the town bike yesterday, no I wasn’t after a quickie. She has decided to wuss out on acting as my relief up at work. Fuck! Now I have to come up with someone else. But I can understand her reasoning. She’s just shacked up with her latest. Some garden gnome looking dude. Add two more kids to the mix. Making it a four-kid household. Four girls at that. Eeek. Plus it’s not as important for her to make the extra income. Now that she has the next sucker provider.

She also cried that there was too much responsibility with the position. I agreed and cried with her. I’d only “shown her the ropes” on the office side for a two hour session. Hadn’t made her do anything concerning the Oldies. And really, bully fer her, she got away before she’d learnt anything of real value. But still, I repeat. Fuck! I have to come up with someone else now.

Hey Ruby...I picked up a Kurt Vonnegut book from the library the other day. “Timequake”...yes, well, all I can say at the moment is he sure does like to use the ! mark huh.

Hmm yes, now, about that coffee.

*insert clodhops leaving*


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