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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

YaaaaY it's over...

I feel so weak, my feet and back are killing me. Considering I feel like a decrepit 75 year old now. I just know I am going to wake up in the morning like I'm an arthritic 90 year old.

Ask me if my mother or I had any time to eat and enjoy the mighty fine smorgasbord of food that we slaved over today. In answer to your question. No, no we did not.

Ask me if my mother and I were left to clean up the majority of the mess and return the borrowed "goddaaamn they are bloody heavy tables" to the Hostel next door. In answer to your question. Yes, yes we were.

Ask me if that volunteer who sometimes calls bingo annoyed the piss out of me today. In answer to your question. Why yes, yes she did.

It's her greediness that got to me today. That "I'm not going to miss out on anything and I don't care if you do" mentality.

One of my clever crafty older tarts made about 35 of the following lolly filled reindeer which she placed at every setting, with a few of them left over.

She also made two of them in a larger version [the snout contained nuts] thinking I could use them somehow. Oh boy could I!!

**I reckon I don't have to tell youse a bigger, clearer version is available if you click on the photo**

They became the second and third prize in the afternoon Bingo.

The first prize was a big box of assorted goodies with over $50 worth of "Whyyy I'm gunna spoil you rotten" chocolates, biscuits and lollies etc.

Guess who won first prize?

Yep. Greedy Bitch did.

That left about five others vying for second and third. Only those five continued to play. Thankfully we had two winners in the next game...my time of calling bingo had come to an end. As I walked past her with the second and third prize in my hand, she asked for the purple one. Whut? Can I have the purple one, she repeated. No, you won that I frowned and pointed at the box full of good stuff.

Now remember when I said there were a few of the smaller lolly reindeer left over. The oldies were asked if any of them would like an extra one. The greedy volunteer quickly reached out and grabbed one off the table and put it in with her first prize box. My mother who was sitting beside her chipped her about taking it when she had "all that". Didn't faze her. I found out later she had a total of three of the bloody things in that box. She has those three rude mongrel kids see.

The day was on it's last legs and they were making moves to leave. I had ducked back out into my office. This volunteer approached me and asked me for a favour. Whut? Can I get three of them and she pointed to the spare Christmas bonbons. I said your bloody kidding you have all THAT...the box now contained a few side plates of leftover morning tea that we put together for the oldies to take home with them...and now your wanting the bonbons as well. She launched into why she wanted them, apparently she has one extra person for her Christmas Day. That's all I heard. In snippy disgust I cut her off with a "Just take the bloody lot".

Now I'm realising she had probably already snaffled three others off the table earlier. And yes, I know they were just bonbons and not like I will be here to use them for next years Christmas Do. Not like I have been able to use the spares from previous years...I like them to match up. It just rankled me that she wanted them also.

In keeping with that nobody goes home without a prize spirit, I ask that my Day care clients bring in a wrapped gift. These are mixed in with the other gifts that we had put together as a craft activity a week or so before. As people leave they take out a prezzie.

Yep. When she walked back out to the office area to collect her box I noticed one of these gifts being added to her booty of goods. Wouldn't surprise me if she took more than one, as my mother missed out on getting one. Not that it bothered my mother none but strangely enough, earlier there were a few more gifts than there were people.

Come Christmas Day I will have happy thoughts of her sucking in instead of blowing out on the bonbon noisemaker.

Yeaaah. Choke on it, you greedy bitch.
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