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Thursday, November 09, 2006

What is it about my face...

that makes completely random people want to converse with me. Today this swarthy, heavily clothed, sunglass wearing dude come up to me as I was getting out of my car and asked me how to spell silk. Silk? Yes silk. Oh okay, thinking he was testing my superior brain honed by hours of Literati I spelt it for him...F.U.C.K...O.F.F...W.A.N.K.E.R.

No I didn’t, sometimes I am the good fairy whilst out in public...I spelt it, then he immediately said what do cows drink? Water was my reply. Ohh big hearty stupid guffaws from him I guess I better get a new riddle you‘re supposed to say milk. Yes, maybe one that hasn’t been around for donkey’s years would be the way to go. With that, off he continued on his merry guffawing way.

But it did make me wonder how many people he accosted in his journey up the street with that riddle. And how many more times he will ask it in his lifetime.

Had some fat bastid clomping around on my roof earlier. Knowing full well it was too early for Santa, I ventured out my back door just as a bucket of leaves and dirty water was thrown off it. It was my fellow flat dweller Doug cleaning out my gutters. Now, before you think what a jolly good fellow is he. He gets cheaper rent to do the yard and roof maintenance and the gutters should have been cleared like before we had our downpours. Would’ve stopped them from overflowing the past few rainy days. I dunno, slack tart that he is. I mean I had to sweep out my carports the other week. Horror. Soon he’ll have to “mow my lawn bitch”...it’s looking lovely and green at the moment. Which makes a pleasant change from the brown and dead it has been for the past few months.

Speaking of brown and dead I need to go do a poo.

I‘m such a little charmer.

Then I’m going to go kick the living crap out of my Literati opponents...whoever they shall be. Wheeeee.


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