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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I knew once Ditzy propped in...

my doorway I was trapped. For fucks sake please do NOT be telling me about your daughters recent bloody wedding and all that it entailed again. No matter how I tried to subtlety [shut up. I can be subtle and I do have to use work with her] hurry her up, she never missed a beat. I even turned back to my computer work several times but noooo she just kept on going. I mean wtf is that like. Talking to someone’s back. Eventually I got up and went out for a smoke, yes with her following but I figured I might as well be enjoying the outdoors, with sunnies to mask my uninterested eye expressions while she prattled on. You just know I can't wait for the eight thousand wedding photo's to be developed. Thank buggery the mums with their babies came in for the fortnightly baby health clinic for then she scuttled off and left me alone.

I have to admit I was rather happy that the day care volunteer didn’t turn up on Tuesday...she is one I can only take in small doses. I mean just shut the fuck up already. I probably wouldn’t mind her polluting the air with her yap but it’s the same fucking yap Tuesday in Tuesday out. Bragging on her kids [who incidentally are three of the rudest little pricks out] OR her illnesses [yes I know you have had a rough trot] OR “my man”. I bloody hate that expression from her the most...MY man. Girl you can frigging have him don’t reckon there’d be many if any wanting to fight you for him. Now really. Turn it up!

I shudder to think this was the same volunteer that mentioned about coming up and visiting with me. In my home. I mean no. Just NO. The only reject I want in my home is me. My father used to wonder why I am the way I am. Pretty much the antisocialist of the family. It’s because people insist on sucking my sunshine away. Granted, not all people, just 95% of them.

Had the fortnightly shopping trip into Blahyah earlier. Nice to see that the assorted bum cracks and muffin tops are out and about again. Makes me want to raid my nine year old niece's wardrobe as payback. I am now convinced that there is a certain area for Blahyah's misfits to congregate. It's at either side of the pedestrian crossing in the middle of the main drag. Today must have been the mutant ninja aborigines turn to claim the space. Usually it's the junkies, so was a pleasant change of scenery.

Oh and my vagina Ring-dang-Doo [why did I hear that freaky frog ring tone when I read that from jwrone] told me to thank you all for it's birthday wishes. Sooo Thank You!

Yiiip...just one more workday in the week.
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