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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Annnd the wheels on the bus go round and round...

Round and round and thank fuck that they do. Today was oldies bus trip day, I love the fourth Tuesday of the month. I’d almost give the bus driver a headjob for taking them away for the day...but it would make them late for their outing.

I so hate having to raise my voice at people, especially when I can't slap at them as well. But raise it I did when yelled at by the new meals on wheels recipient. He’s deaf. Well I gather he is when he yells “I can’t HEAR YOU!!!!”. Get some fucking hearing aids then you grouchy old prick. So much for confidentiality when the neighbours can hear us. Not too fussed on him...smelly old goat. Although he did make me grin on the inside last week when I asked how his meals have been...“I’ve enjoyed every toothfull”, then he yelled at me again so I stopped the inside grinning and went back to the smelly old goat thought.

I managed to not only avoid the vision of Elation [the community nurse] knuckle deep in her nethers this morning but also managed to avoid her “she’s touching meeee” fingers. Ditzy and her sister Mitzy tried to trick me into walking past her office while she was fingering herself. But I was onto them. Alas I missed Elation giving Mitzy a hug. Pity I didn’t miss the sight of her stained granny pants when she sat on the steps having a smoke and coffee...her zipper was still undone. I didn’t tell her. Mitzy did, hence the hug.

And here I thought, today was gunna be one of them days when I made eye contact with Friar-Fuck out in our respective carports this morning. HA!


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