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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I must have went walkabout...

without the walking. Buggered if I know what I been doing for the past week or so...oh hold on, yes I do, I been off on a yahoo literati [similar to scrabble but more lenient] playing jag. And may I say there are some very. poor. fucking. rude. losers. [and winners] out there. If they have never heard of the word they'll accuse you of cheating, she was a bitch, I’m not playing her again, admittedly the word was bize and fucked if I know what it means rightly either [I think it‘s a tool] but I do know it’s a word and it worked. So up YOURS beeatch. Mind you I haven't heard of some of their words neither but the thought never crosses my mind, that they might be using a cheat programme. Well, all except this one dude, the thought did cross my mind with him. Yeeaah, cheating bastid I thought.

Been and had my two yearly...well okay it had been about four perhaps five years...pap smear. Had me boobs felt up and my skin checked. More action than I have had in a helluva long time. Yes, enough from yoooou I know you beat me in that. I can still remember what it actually feels like and know that I miss it. heh.

Chucked a sickie from work the other day. Guess which day it was. If you answered Wednesday you'd be wrong...nah you wouldn't be, was just joshing. Of course it was frigging Wednesday I hate stinking Wednesdays. I also hate Tuesday's. Well except this one coming. Nope. Not because it's the short-bus day for them old Day Care people that I slave for. But because it's Melbourne Cup Race Day. The four legged Nascar that happens once a year on every 1st Tuesday of November. Woot. The Club is putting on a "day" for it. So all the old tarts and farts will be attending that instead. I did insert the happy skip at this piece of news. And most of them did see me do it. The Skip. Hee Hee.

The second happy skip inserted [a mental skip this time] was when I found out that I won't be seeing OR listening to that almost bores me to deaaath volunteer, that one who calls Bingo...chanting to myself, yes, BUT she calls bingo! is fast losing it's effectiveness. She must be pretty bad if I'm tossing up the thought of calling bingo the lesser of the two evils...for two, yes make that twooo, weeks, I won't be having to listen or look at her rot, I can hear a halle-bloody-lujah wanting to burst forth in my thoughts. She is off up to Brisbane on the 14th for a medical appointment. Yes, yes I know, I’m on the long-bus to Hell because she is obviously not exactly healthy, but dammit she gets on my tits. So anyway, arrhaaha life is good. Well, it could be better but you know, it's the little things in life.

Speaking of little things. Went and actually visited with my now walking niece and her family earlier. During the visit I watched Ted the cat hook it's claw into their dog Asif's jowl. Maan that sucker was hooked in good, to the point Asif was turning and smiling at you very lopsidedly. Stoopid dog just had that look as if to say "bloody hell, look at what I put up with". If I had taken my camera you would be looking at a picture of that right about now. But beings that I didn’t. Guess you have to miss out on that huh.

Now to really fill yers all in!!! Bugger me dead if we haven’t had some bucket loads of rain lately. Lovely stuff that rain. Especially when you are inside out of it. Reading...on the lounge...all snug and warm...eating pizza...or just eating anything really...by candlelight. Because the power happens to go out. After twenty minutes you start making candle wax creatures because you’ve gotten slightly bored in the semi darkness with making hand puppety things...look! a duck...look! the same duck giving the electricity company the finger with a ventriloquist mumble of fuck youse, hurry up and fix iiiiit.

Okay, dammit I mentioned pizza.

Bye now.


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