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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yeah, get fucked Tuesday...go on, piss off.

But wait, it just wasn't any normal Tuesday Day Care no, no, no it was also Annual General Meeting Tuesday. To be followed up with Normal Monthly Meeting Tuesday. Oh tha friggun JOY. Yes, my consolation is thank buggery I won't have to sit through another one of these annual general's ever a-bloody-gen. Well not with this mob anyway. Now, I just have to get through our Planning Day tomorrow and I am somewhat in the clear for the "yearly" crap...I hope. I swear I will be happy just being a lowly shit-kicker in the States. Yeah, I know, I say that now. From what I hear shit-kickers at Walmart are not exactly decently paid.

I'm so much nicer and deal better when on the chouff.

Case in point...I doubt I would have been as fed up and short with the trusty volunteer driver when she knocked upon my door last night at seven-thirty. She left with a "sorry to bother you!"...which in turn made me feel like crap for the rest of the night. Alternating between muttered "well fuckit, I’m tired of that shit” and “she didn’t deserve that attitude of mine”.

We got it sorted today whilst waiting in the slack-macs car park for our chocolate sundae wanting passenger...me apologising. again. heh don't tell me I don't know how to say sorry...but daaamn that was a strained car ride into Blahyah for the above meetings. I'm glad we did. As she is a good stick but just doesn't realise that she is not the only townsperson to bail me up concerning work and transport needs on my time off. I spend the first couple of days off trying to forget about work crap and the last day steeling myself for the return to it.

I love country towns, I just never, ever want to work in the same one that I live in. Ever. Again. I’m just not cut out for it. Especially in this field of aged care and all that it entails.

On a perkier note, I received my tax refund without any hassle. Just in time for it to be swallowed up next month with The Blue Hornets registration. I was hoping to be gone before it was due again but tis not to be. Now, let’s just hope it passes it’s pink slip roadworthy inspection. Gooo tha bluuue hornet.

Some day’s I detest being a law abiding non-chouffing citizen.

Oh well, soon thy will be done.


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