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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bloody Hell...

I'm getting to be a slack tart with this blogging caper huh. Must have something to do with my parents stealing my spare time over the past week or so. Bloody things have had not only me but my sister Lesley sewing them a stinking banner for their Fishing Club. Buggered if I know how we got roped into doing it. Cunning old cows they are, the pair of them. And what a freeeaking nightmare it started off being, we both were up til 4.30am the first night trying to make their vision come true. In the end we decided to bugger off with their vision and went with ours. But what can yer do eh, after all they did supply the sperm and the egg that got both of us here in the first place.

While waiting in the Telstra shop yesterday I was behind this woman who had a dreadful skin disease, both her arms, hands and legs were alternating between whopping big scabs and pinkish skin. Some parts were bandaged, alas some parts were not. Maybe she had been burnt, dunno. The horrid part was her fingernails. Some were long, some were not, all had been filed and shaped. It was the filth encrusted beneath these nails that made my stomach curdle. I mean come the fuck on if you are gunna make the effort to have them long, consider scrubbing those talons clean of the muck and filth that inhabits them. Ugh now I'm thinking about her touching my food with them.

548 bucks later The Blue Hornet has been pink slipped, insured and registered for another year. Yay the Hornet. Will make selling it a better prospective when it comes down to it.

Ditzy at work did not mention THE wedding once last week. Might have had something to do with her eldest son being hospitalised after his semi ran off the road and hit the only tree available on that stretch of road. Truck is a total write-off and nearly so was he. Going by the photo’s [yep there were photo’s] he is an extremely lucky, lucky man. What once was a long nosed cab is now a snub nosed one.

For a minute there I thought maybe one of my dreams had come true. When leaving for work the other day Friar-Fuck was playing in the back of a rental truck. Unfortunately he was unloading more belongings not loading them. Curses! He seems to be staying for a while longer. I watched him yesterday as he manoeuvred and then chained a trailer to a tree outside his flat all the while thinking frig is he putting it in my turning space...the space that I need to get into my carport in one foul swoop. I detest the man. Can you tell? I’m pretty sure he can.

Time to get back to finishing off that stinking banner. Joy.


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