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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tra la la la laaah...

Another Tuesday Day Care bites the dust. Had eleven of the beastly things today. I can see I'm gunna have to get mean and scary to cull some of the attendee’s out. I'm sure I can work up enough spittle to let fly while mouthing said meanness. Would just add to the look I reckon.

The volunteer turned up to call bingo today...the reason why she wasn't here last week was because she was away attending a bloody wedding. Yep another frigging wedding was rehashed in all it's flipping glory..."the bridesmaids wore blah blah and gee they looked nice then we blah blah"...I mean fer fucks sakes I don't even know these newlyweds and even if I did I couldn't give a rootie patootie what they bloody wore. When she wasn't specifically talking to me about it I snuck back inside and left her and Ditzy to outdo each other in the retellings.

Aww I'm feeling somewhat sad for Friar-Fuck. Yeah not bloody likely, little twerp. His missus and kid went home this morning. Thank bloody kerrist really. Every five minutes that front screen door was either slammed open or left to clang shut. Holding the fucken handle and controlling its operation is not part of their door opening/closing ability. Nor is shutting the hell up. I tried to get into my stealthy paparazzi mode when witnessing a shirtless F-F but damn him he either moved too fast or was looking towards my window. I need to invest in some of that film for yer windows...where you can see out but they can’t see in.

They’re funny buggers at BlogMad aren’t they.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hmmm now which number do I guess, eeiney meeney minie mo for the record I picked #1910...I was wrong. Bastids.

** My bad, I should have mentioned for the Blogmad uninitiated the surf bar should be like this...

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