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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nothing makes me more antsy...

than an immigration lawyer that makes a "few" mistakes on your application papers. Twelve, yes twelve errors. Although I do believe he was sucking up to me by having me born in 2005...but imagine the immigration dude's disgust at finding I am a married one year old and has consummated the marriage many times at that. I often wonder if it's his fuck-ups that is prolonging this. Hmmm.

Seems that I have a contender for my relief. The doctors receptionist has expressed interest in the position. Not to me but to the centre's helper, who passed the information along. Could work. Need to think on it a bit more. Now, I know the girl hasn't got the best reputation around town but hell as if I care that she bangs and blows like a dunny door in her personal [well not so personal.heh] life.

My brother has returned from a trip down to the big smoke...and has no doubt returned with some good smoke. I will have to avoid him. Attitude and...bloody hell I can't think of the word I'm looking for, this never happened when I was chouffed up. Attitude and lack of resistance [that'll suffice] being what they are.

So this is Wednesday, done and nearly gone. Yip.


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