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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sewing Nazi Stats...

amount of times, I said shit, fuck and bastid after sticking myself with the pins = five six.

amount of times, I muttered I am. never. doing. something. like. this. AGAIN = three.

amount of times, I knocked the container holding the pins off the table = one.

amount of dropped pins scattered on my floor = twenty eight.

amount of times, I trod on a missed dropped pin that stuck in my foot = one.

amount of times, I said bloody oath I'm mrs clever clogs = two.

amount of times, I said carrap that's not straight = seven.

amount of times, I said stuff it I'm not doing it again = six.

amount of times I unpicked a line of stitch = one.

amount of times, I table surfed while trying to get a complete photo = five.

amount of times, I told myself that I need to fix that uneven table leg = four.

amount of times, I said once it's done, it's DONE! = nine.

amount of times, you need to click on the photo to enlarge the thumbnail below = one.


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