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~got nothing but toejam~
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here I sit...

putting off getting stuck into the white powder. I don't wanna! I wail in my head but I know I must.

The old tarts craft activity calls for it...*siiigh* why do I come up with these brilliant ideas...what?? do I forget that it is moi who has to execute them or something. There are days I wish my oldies were from the 'less with it' crowd, that way they'd forget that they'd already done whatever they've done and we could just repeat the same one's.

I know, selfish and somewhat mean but hell never professed that I didn't possess these two traits.

Have been playing hang-out-the-clothes-then-bolt-out-and-bring-them-back-in when it starts to rain. Fun game that...you should try it. Never did get the Good Dick to hang my dryer, not like I will bother now either, beings I hope my time here is on it's last legs.

Spent some time last night grimacing and yelping in the bathroom. No I wasn't looking at myself in the mirror. Yep waxing I was. Been waay over a year since I've done so...good to feel it hasn't gotten less painful. Thought I'd better start getting used to the process again. Next step will be toughening up my nipples, preparing them for the Little Fat Bastid; to be pulled, tugged and tweaked on.

Yes, you can have that mental image for free.

Generous aren't I.
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