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Friday, September 08, 2006

Jeesus Bloody Christ...

must be our turn for deaths...another Australian "true-blue legend" Peter Brock has just been killed.

Oh and even tho I don't participate in the FOAD's in the blogging world...I would like to send one out to Germaine Greer for her downright fetidness concerning Steve Irwin's death and her thoughts on the mourning Australians as being "idiots". You can just fuck off and die a bitter and twisted lonely death...I can see that being a distinct possibility as I'm sure you won't be receiving the many tributes and outpourings that he has. Snatchface!

I was woken this morning by a knock on my door, now usually I ignore these and don't open mainly because, well, you know, I generally dislike dealing with people and all . Then I heard the familiar voice of a volunteer driver speaking to my neighbour Doug asking if he‘d seen me. Thinking it would be better to deal with him now rather than have a return visit later I. I opened it and subjected him to the morning glorious me, in my frog print jarmies, hair askew and accompanied by my morning breath. Heh. That'll teach him!

Half an hour after his departure there was another knock. WTF. What's today? knock on Catweasel’s door day or something. I opened it to find nobody there. But I did see Friar-Fuck looking out at me from his flat opposite. So with a scowl and a hiss in his direction, I closed it. No, I know it wasn’t him playing funny buggers as the voice I heard just before the knock was female.

Well, it’s the first of my four days off, no plans except prepare the craft activity for my old tarts and perhaps the meal run on Monday, depends if the usual deliverer is back from his week away or not. Naturally, I am hoping he is back in time to do it.

I need to shake myself out of this period of bleughness. Wish I was stoned...or at least stoning the unwanteds encroaching into my personal space, and with bloody big rocks.

Maybe it’s time to make another start at finishing off the old tarts wall hanging I mean it‘s not like it hasn‘t sat here for over a year waiting to be completed...and just because I can, here’s the patch I did...

Bloody clever ain’t I. Shut up if you disagree. I think I need to add a couple of birds flying away to it, that way I could also add a drizzling bird turd on the scarecrow’s hat. hmmm.
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