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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Tuesday bites the dust...

And curses I had to call stinkun bingo. I swear [well yes I dooo] I age six months each time I have to call those bloody numbers. My nightmare is, the only job I will qualify for in yankytown is as a bingo caller. Ohh wouldn't that just be topppps. "Hello my name is _ _ _ _ _ and I call bingo".

18...one eight, the amount of times Wrennie has whinged so far.
24...two four, the size of wood I am gunna use to whack Zola with if she interrupts my number flow for the umpteenth time.
73...seven three, fer the looove of gaaawd set me freeeeeee.

They were all happy little campers with their craft activity...as they damn well should be. Although their enthusiasm might, I say miiight have had something to do with the bloody big hurt-me-quick stick I had in my hands. Will post some photo's of their prowess with the paintbrush next week when we put the finishing touches on them...yeah I know, you's cain't waaait for them, but yers are just gunna bloody haftah.

Mind you, I found out the one I did as the example had been dropped by one of them envious old tarts and the bit's got broken off...aren't they horrors! Luckily I took a of it before I left it in their jealous dropsy hands. After re-looking at it I could use some re-schooling in painting myself, just quietly. I was tempted to put The LFB's thong pic in the frame but thought naaah that would just git their lechy dried up juices a flowing. I clean up enough after them, let alone cleaning those puddles up.

When I dropped Large Marge off she said "I love YOU" naturally my reply was "yeah, yeah Shut It and get outta my car Old Lady"...naaah I didn't, I told her I loved her as well. Twas the highlight of my day that was.

Ahhh thank bugger tomorrows Wednesday.

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