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Monday, July 10, 2006

Just so that yers all don’t think...

the last photo was the whole range of the LFB’s thong attire...here’s another one that I just happen to have had developed.

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I draw your attention to the fuck-me-face that he has happening. I was gunna blacken it out [probably will soon] then thought naah buggerit that is the funniest part. That was about the fourth take, on account I couldn’t stop cracking it long enough to keep the camera steady to take it Oops too late for you slow coaches yer's miss out on tha gud stuff. Heh...fuck I crack me up.

There are some more poses but alas I can’t show them to yers...“righto, quit yer begging”...on account the thong wasn’t stretchy enough to contain all his googly bits and bods...and that just wouldn’t be *shifty eye’s* quite right putting them up here aye.

I will add, the mullet is waay so no longer the hairstyle of choice. If there are two things I have encouraged in the Little Fat Bastid it is more up to date style and...well obviously, his Hillbillie...“yeaah give it to me baybe”...slutty pinup poses.

Don’t say I never give you blog people anything.


Hmmm, I hope that blogger Ananke from Falmouth don’t surf by, LFB goes into Falmouth often Okay have fixed that up already...won’t be recognisable now.

Well crap, I just choked cackling on my coffee again.

*inside thought*...wonder if I could win a blog battle with this.


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