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Friday, June 02, 2006

I been thinking about midgets lately...

dunno why exactly. Yes I know I’m being un-pc by calling the short of stature that but honestly if I was a midget I’d be kinda pissed. Like when midget tossing was frowned upon and stopped a few years back. I mean that would have been a good earner for them.

Speaking of midgets...talked to the LFB on the phone yesterday. What can I say I love that accent. The first time I heard him talk I just laughed like a loon. He kinda got pissy. Yeah surprising aye. I was laughing because it was so *real* to hear him that first time. Anyway.

He was telling me the eight-toed neighbour was out on a date. With a cop that she met thru some voice chat thing. The consensus was that he’ll get lucky at the end of it. Ahhh good on her eh. But that’s one thing that I noticed regarding some hillbillie woman. They have no shame or shyness. Plus a helluva lot of them are missing digits as well as morals/ethics. Funny.

She once remarked about him being “able to lay her right back and fuck her good in them seats”...as she eyed off the inside of the Beast he drives.

LFB relayed the latest sexual assault that he has received from that, that wanton eight toed hussy Lyn next door. Whilst he was fixing her garden hose she took every opportunity to lay her funbags on him. This was witnessed by a *giggling* Amy my youngest sister in law. She also managed to use every sexual innuendo available. As you can imagine there were a few. What with the job being about hoses and connectors.

Ahhaahaa. Damn I’m gunna love watching her put it on him. Makes him squirm.

Am I wrong to have such mirth when watching/hearing my husband get indecently propositioned?

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