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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Awww fuckit...

One of the bad neighbours has returned. Last night I heard the skanky arse drive in. Then today, I was at one of the local shops I saw this older bland faced dude come in and I thought it could be my neighbour. The cashier Melonie who was slicing my ham noticed me frowning at him. She confirmed that it was indeed my neighbour Friar-Fuck and yes he is an idiotic wanker.

He tries to chat up the girls working there, makes a few of them uncomfortable in what he says. More derisive chatter followed whilst we watched him strut all around the shop looking all important and studly dudley like. Well, in his mind he was a happening baybee. He had no doubt that he wasn't happening in mine. I hung back to let Melonie ring him up first so that she wasn't left to deal with his chat-up crap. Obviously I like Mel.

Forewarned, my griping about them may return to my posts. No doubt I will become more consumed [heh] with my intense dislike for him, the Bearded Clam and the other assorted fucks that frequent that abode.

Waayhey back to my four days off eh. Didn't do the shopping trip with my sister this fortnight, as her man of science Floyd [damn him] had to go in there as well, they went while I was at work. Bummer. No chippies for me this fortnight. Oh well not such a bad thing. I type that now but when the cravings start...welll.

I refuse to pay four bucks for a pkt of chips in town. Bad enough that I had to bite it and buy six poptops of apple juice for one of my meals on wheels clients [he can't work the straw into the poppers] at one of the local shops...$5.99 which shits me in itself just fucking put $6 and be done with it. Not like it isn't rounded up at the till. In next big town over they are $2.50, good mark-up hey.

My neighbour across the road makes me laugh. His nickname is Rainbow. The first time I spoke with him was in winter and he wore this beanie that was red and had the same shape as a garden gnomes. Whenever I saw him after that I always picture him with that beanie on his head. Now I don't have to picture it there. It is now officially winter. The beanie has re-emerged.

Ahhhh...I get to sleep in tomorrow. Life is good.

Life could be better, if I win the saturday lotto. Twenty-seven million baybee. Ha! I'm in with a chance.
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