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Monday, May 29, 2006

I suspect my pubic hairs may be getting a tad long.

I keep inadvertently pulling on them when I sit here with crossed legs or sit a certain way...*must remember to get the scissors in the next shower*...Please no plait-her-puss jokes....Well unless I make them. Heh platypus.

You know there are days, like today for instance that I am glad I have two blogs.

I joined BlogExplosion [BE] the other day...much like BlogMad [BM] except less surfing points. They have this game called Battle of the Blogs. Where you put your blog up against another blog then it's voted on. As far as I know it's voted by the individual post not the blog look on a whole. But hell I could be wrong with that. Some pretty good reading thru it. Funny. More variety than BM, understandable I spose, BM being the new blog exchange on the block.

Seems all my little extra's are going somewhat funky on my blog here. First the web counter went spazzo so I removed it. Now I am sure that I am not getting updated on my blogrolling buddy box.

Heard on our news that the Australian [peace keeping] forces have permission to shoot to kill on Timor. And that the servicemen over there are not as yet being paid "war pay"...I dunno about you, but if "shoot to kill" is the policy obviously the little fuckers are getting downright rambunctious and dangerous. I would be thinking that would be deserving of the higher pay to match.

psst...Jezebelle...in hindsight I wanna add to my comment...that this is a time I reckon I could kill without too much thought. Reckon a dirty big machete wielded by a native can make anyone alter their mind uh.

Also some Aussie dude that was left to die and reported as dead on Everest has "walked" off it. What about that aye. How's that for the human spirit. The will to prevail. I could never be a mountain climber for two three reasons...

...I don't think I could just leave someone to die...withstanding them being a complete fucktard then I maybe could.

...I have a habit of holding a grudge..."leave me to die??? you mofo"...I'd have to seek revenge. Revenge is something not sought if you are a true mountaineer/adventurer. Apparently.

...I don’t really like the cold cold.

Ugh. It's Tuesday. Tomorrow NOW!.

I have to admit I have once again excelled...yes excelled...in the oldies craft activity. Old nora better not fuck with me if she's having a bad day. I tell ya. Just because they are old I don't believe they should be allowed to completely get away with their shit. ALL the time. I guess that's why I see myself as being R = reasonable.

As a add on for chatty’s question about what was in my hand in that pic a few posts back [sorry meant to say earlier] it was a vegetable peeler and a couple of spuds [potatoes]...I was cooking, well preparing to. Yep. Even some days I was “dinner bitch” to them stinking hillbillies.

And now my post times are now out of whack...date up there should be the 30th...and it’s after 1 am. WTF. Oh well seems blogger is fucking with me...so me and my healthy patch of pubes are going to bed.

Night all.
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