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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Well lookie me...

I actually made some headway on the oldies wall hanging that I have had for oh about a year...sewn a few of their signature patches onto it. Waayhey me. Pays to have it spread out on the floor looking at me, waiting for me to stick it with the needle and thread.

Soon I will really have to play with the sewing machine and do that bobbin winding trick. Heh. Even WITH a diagram printed on the top I get mixed up with the sequence of it all. How good am I at Homer Homemaker stuff...yes, I realise that it's Suzy...but I do a helluva lot of D'ohing. I need to remember to bring the pins home from the craft cupboard tomorrow. Will make it that bit easier not to mention quicker not having to stop, remove and then repin bits of stinking material.

Still waiting for my oven to be fixed. Although I think it's only been a week since I told them...I'm wanting to type "two" weeks but that's just my exaggeration gene working. I think. Will check that up later...just so I can *fume* correctly. Ha. But really, now I am starting to think of meals to cook and then have to rethink..."Ut nope. I can't. No oven".

I peed clear yesterday...just thought you were all needing to know that.

I think I left the flat twice these lot of four days off. Pretty good aye. Today I reckon I am gunna stay in my jarmies and not care if anyone was to catch me in them...because really I don't give a toss if they do. Just gives them more fodder..."she was STILL in her pyjamas...at ONE pm”. I sometimes imagine what they would say if I was a clubber or pubber. Ahhh as I often say...“small towns, yer gotta love ‘em”.

Went and visited my brother which turned out just to be my sister-in-law JoJo and that niece piece of mine...he was at work. She is still giddy about him finding work...better still that it is work that he likes. Now the thought is she may return to her old job for six months just to get them out of debt. It’s something I would do...six months is but a small price to pay. But then again I haven’t got a one-year old that is growing and doing different things every day. So I can fully understand my brother not wanting this to happen.

Apparently someone rocked up to her door looking for me and the services I run, namely the transport service. Yep. Love that crap where people feel that it’s okay to do that....I mean I do work seven days a week and get paid for every one of them. No NOT Really. AND I love uninvited visitors...[or tho technically she wasn’t mine...but it’s the thought that she could have been that also gets me shitty]...from the description given of her by JoJo...black hair, wearing a beanie with a few teeth missing...she isn’t a client. Tho I bet it’s that fucking psycho that used to live the next big town over.

Fuck. Another one of their rejects.

No. No. The joy is ALL MINE...Piss off you can’t have any of it.
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