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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

R is for...

write ten words beginning with the letter you’ve been given. include an explanation of what each word means about you and why...

reactive...some days i don't cope well with stupidity.

rounded...i always think of myself as being well-rounded in mind, body and soul.

rooted...in the one sense [having sex] it's something i'm not. or my physical state after playing "i'm the clients bitch" on tuesday daycare.

reasonable...don't bloody tell me i'm not. or i'll have to curse you. bastids.

riotous...some days when i am among people i get a kick out of, i can get loud...especially in laughter.

relaxed...i'm pretty laid back. on the outside. but on the inside everything is going a mile a minute.

retarded...in my movements. especially when i dance. heh.

rapid...i walk quickly. always have always will. many a time i have lost my co-walkers. sometimes intentionally, some times not.

restrictive...i stop myself from doing a lot of things. some ways that's a good thing. other ways not.

religious...about loving my son and other lessor mortals.

thank you mandy i enjoyed that letter tag. also liked the way you "claytons tagged" so i will follow your way of doing so...if you want to play, ask for a letter in my comments...i’ll throw you a letter in your comment section.
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