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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Is it luck or karma?

Hmmm that is the question. I believe in both but personally I like to think yesterdays "event one" post was about karma. Think it's that whole point system it's got going on.

What! it don't work on points?

Does too!

If heaven works on points for the religious...then by hell karma can also.

But yeah the wheely bin at the back gate was just plain lucky.

I set the singing alarm clock for seven am, I thought I was being optimistic last night...and I was. Got up at eight-thirty am instead. Been out to the good dicks for him to play carbitch with my water pump. Turns out he had a problem locating the replacement water hose that he had purchased a few weeks ago. I returned home un-hosed. Oh well it was a lovely ride out there, plus I got to call our son a wanker in front of his mate. Heh.

Total rolls of film developed = eight.
Total rolls of film left to be developed = heaps.
Two rolls were virtually devoted to our stinking "pet" goats.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

*it's that whole click on picture to enlarge deal again*

haha you thought it was gunna be a photo of them stoopid goats huh...maybe later, if yer lucky and if i can remember one of their names...JD, Diva and, AND...fuckit starts with "M".

This is my first experience of a doublewide. Kinda funky when you think about the uneven ceiling. I always felt like I was on holiday. Was the flimsiness of the floors and walls I think. Reminding me of caravan parks overnite $$ rate "cabins".

Can you guess what I am holding?

Look at the face I'm pulling...that's a clue as to what I'm doing.

Some would say the pooping paper is another clue..."this is NOT the bathroom housemate peoples".

But I would be forced to *slap* those people if they dared say it.
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