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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For a couple of weeks...

when I have given myself a day off on Wednesday...hate. Haaate Wednesdays. I have been subjected to a vehicle beeping it's horn in the morning...after a few minutes I usually scream in my head "obviously they are NOT home. fuckmonkey. move on." I found out the other day it's the "new" fruit n veg man...hence the repeated beeping. fucker. At least get some tune going with it...or better still buy a less jarring tinkly bell. Vehicle horns are just plain afuckingnnoying.

My brother scored a job. Perhaps just in the nick of time as my sister-in-laws maternity leave is up in early june. He's trucking peanuts up into Queensland to a place that is funnily enough known for growing them. Guess they got fucked up nuts along with the bananas by the weather they have had.

I am still "bad neighbour" free. Has been good, very good the past few days. But when they return it will only seem like they are bigger arseholes in the consideration stakes. I might go pin some "welcome home" notes to the sheets that are hanging on their clothes line. Just reminding them about what can piss another flat dweller off.

The photo below was taken a few years back when I was living in kentucky. We don't have double-wides here...well not known by me or with that name. I liked them except for the thin walls and fake wood look. The Little Fat Bastid and I visited a few lots checking them all out. Maan some of them are huuuge with a basement...I'd be loving it. Plenty of room for which to ignore and hide from the LFB visitors.

Well, speaking of I gotta go set up to ring the hillbillie.
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