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Saturday, May 20, 2006

My neighbours are dead...dead I tell you.

Either that or they are just not in residence. I will wait for the stench before I report this...its coming into winter could be a few months...*slitted cackly eyes*...stop looking at me like that! I’m wearing my "aintnochristian" teeshirt at the moment.

I believe these two "events" that I am about to speak of came back to me and mine due to karma.

Event one...

My husband the LFB had an MRI scan a while back. It came back positive. He does indeed own the right amount of brain matter. Matters not if he uses it. Heh.

Anyway. yes MRI scan = whopping big bill. A bill he thought he was exempt from paying when he took the scan. So he had been paying it off at $20 a month. He missed a month. He received a letter stating the bill was going to a collection agency *eek*. He rang them up and was told the supervisor would ring him back as she was tied up in a meeting...stinking meetings...a few hours later she does indeed return his call.

She said..."mister LFB this is all straightened out"
He said..."ok so I can start paying 20.00 next month and be ok"
She said..."no I wiped your balance of 1,548.00 off. Your balance now is zero"

She explained that because he was on low income, had made 6 payments and made the effort she had chosen him to do this for. Apparently, she can do this with a few people a year. He ended up one of them.

May she have eternal beauty. Inside and out.

Event two...

When I went to retrieve my empty wheelie bin. Heh I remembered to put it out last night. Instead of having to walk out to the roadway, I found it just at my back gate. Doug the mowing bitch must have dragged it there.

Personally I think he is aware of pleasing me...in case he gets a "bad neighbour" certificate.

Heh. See that proves I’m not really bad. Plus I got a gajillion karmic points loaded up thru josh.

I am so laughing in the karmic point’s stake.
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