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~got nothing but toejam~
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

good gawd...

look at me...GO ON LOOK!

here i be at just after nine in the morning. and i am awake. on a day off.

and bettah gawd...it isn't due to the fucky neighbours.


so speaking of...

yesterday arvo when spying doug one-half of the mowing bitches heading for the mailbox i too made my way there. knowing he'd be happy to have a chat...now before anyone thinks it was because i was feeling lonely...smack yerself upside the head...now...hard.

i needed to find out if my suspicions and sentiments about the next bastid neighbours were a) confirmed and b) agreed with. so yes they are connected with the mine...they're the next set of drillers out there. then doug said the sentence with the magic word "noisy" included in it...that's all i needed to spew forth my torrent of complaints about their bastard noisiness.

"blah...blah...fuckers...blah blah...more on them being fuckers...blah..."

the littlest fucker the one with the friar tuck haircut...his name is maurie. no 'aka' used there. fucking maurie eh. i inquired about maurie's temperament...as in, if i throw myself at his windscreen, screaming like the disturbed madwoman that i can be the next time that little bastid idles his vehicle outside my bedroom window...will i have bitten off more than i can chew.

seriously tho, i think i can take him, no matter his temperament or his reaction.

apparently, heh courtesy of dorrie doug the gossiping bitch, maurie can be a tad too touchy feely with the girlies. he has already received one smack down courtesy of one of the 'charles boys' at the pub and they'd only been here a week. ha. maan he's just endearing himself all ovah town innit he.

so as i was saying...here i be. naturally awake.

have already put a load of washing on. and it's only friday. then again putting it on and hanging it out are two different actions. it may still be needing to be hung on monday. it's shaping up to be a beaut day outside. i am considering going up to my brothers for a visit...still considering, can't be too hasty. can we...i mainly visit for my sister in laws mental health. heh. I'M her little ray of sunshine.

ohh who am i kidding i'm lots...LOTS i say...of peoples "sunshine".

but really i should have known 'something' was up last night...i folded all the laundry that was sitting in my bedroom. i can see the carpet now. egads.

**libra horoscope for week of may 4, 2006**

"Espertantina, a town in Brazil, celebrates May 9 as Orgasm Day. As much as I'd love to import this enlightened holiday to my home country of America, it might be difficult in the foreseeable future. Why? Because religious fundamentalists have been spreading their infectious mental disease, seducing people into mistrusting their bodies' natural urges. Meanwhile, the advertising and entertainment industries try to sell us on the glamour of being in a chronic state of titillation without satisfaction. I'm calling on you Libras to do what you can to resist these cultural trends. The astrological omens say this is an auspicious time for you to seek out, cultivate, and honor your own orgasms. "...[capitalisation, punctuation and spelling courtesy of them ]

hmmm either i am buying a dildo or finding a coke bottle with a few angry bees trapped inside.
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