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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the voices woke me...

no not my voices...but the voices of the bastid neighbours. now really, this i do not understand why the fuck do you feel the need to discuss 'whatever' in the communal driveway at frigging five am that you couldn't discuss inside your flat. quietly. fuckers.

then it was the vehicle warming up at about five thirtyish that re-woke me.

ohh and lets not forget the fucker then sitting outside my bedroom window idling fer ten more minutes. waiting for his passenger.

i hope he gets butt fucked by a big lump of coal.

if in fact he is out at the mine.

so as you can imagine when my alarm clock went off at six thirty i was not in such a chirpy chipper mood as one should be for a workday. a tuesday day centre workday. didn't matter how many times my alarm clock sang "good morning" and i mean sang. i could find nothing good about it.

was up at work earlier than usual. had to bake two of me old tarts a birthday cake. had just finished mixing it all into its creamy smoothness when the band holding my hair in a ponytail snapped and zinged into the cake batter. dammit i knew it was on its last legs and should only have been twisted twice. so of course i just fished it out and carried on making it.

heh. no i didn't. i tossed the bloody thing. in hindsight i should have still made it but given it to the handyman gnome...yes i had a visit from that little turd as well. although he had to come up three times before he caught me in the building. ha.

had to chase down another fucktard about his girlfriend's daughter's transport for a hospital stay tomorrow. the phone number i had for him is "no longer in service please check the number and try again"...i first off tried two of his relations. one doesn't have it because he himself thinks this bloke is a fucktard and the other one had the same number i had...

so off i go to his place...muttering and mumbling about idiots all the way. rocks up to his house and knocks. to be met by him in his tighty not so bloody whities and a teeshirt. now i can't handle this dude at the best of times. my eyes water. but seeing him in his yellowed undies with devil red eyes blazing at eight thirty in the morning just turned my stomach . this blokes eye's are rimmed the ugliest shade of red...diabetes. you can tell how much piss he has drunk the night before by the ripeness of the beadies...

only to be told "oh my brother is taking us down".

so this kinda pissed me off as i had wasted considerable time organising not only this trip down but their return trip on friday. the car was already going to a bigger town about four hours away but was making a longer detour to drop the three of them off first...therefore everyone was leaving earlier just for them.

"well thanks for letting me know this gill...then perhaps i wouldn't have bothered making the arrangements to accommodate you and yours"... i also let him know that in future i don't believe we will be in a position to help them beings he isn't in the disposition of helping me to help him.

this isn't the first time he has stuffed me around but i reckon it's the last one. fuck him and his.
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