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Thursday, April 27, 2006

so our first casualty...

of the iraq war is causing some controversy over here. first off he was shot in the head. whilst cleaning his weapon. alone. then there were "three others" in the room. then there were not. now it is unsure if indeed "HE" shot himself in the first place.

but wait, there's more...

his "body" arrived the other day for burial. but it wasn't really his body. "whoever" was responsible for the identifying, shipping of him fucked up. big time. sent some other mothers son by mistake.

little johnny is getting a right rollicking from the family for it all. but how does that look aye...the first australian soldiers death and his return is such a cluster fuck.

and awww the operation for that little island [can’t remember which island and can’t be bothered to google it. heh lazy cow huh] baby that our doctors performed in one of our hospitals has been done. now we just wait and see how she goes. i like that we as a country do that [as many other countries also do]...especially when i see the mum...can’t help but imagine what and how she must have been feeling. but i also imagine the hope she now must have that perhaps her baby will also grow up. period. makes me feel all good about that.

in tasmania we have three miners. trapped. last i heard they did find one dead and are still working at finding the other two. they are saying the mine caving in was because of a mini earthquake...you all heard anything about that over where youse are at. naah probably not aye.

speaking of miners. i am thinking perhaps the new bastid neighbours are working out at the "soon to be re-opened coal mine" just out along the road from here, blahtown. i'm positive i seen two more sets of legs with moving-in bags walk into their place...[that's all the view my three quarter drawn blind allows me from the computer chair]...plus the fucking amount of different parts-off vehicles i have seen and heard drive in and out of the place.

which pisses me off no end...i mean you would think they could work out amongst themselves that two carports and five vehicles just don't fit. fuckers. and talk about lazy pricks. instead of parking out the very front which is incidentally CLOSER to their front door to unpack their groceries. they park instead smack dab in the middle of the driveway, between us both, idling yes fucking idling their diesel ute fer twenty minutes unpacking them instead. i repeat. “fuckers”

don't ask me why they don't use their carport door into their flat. instead they insist on mainly slamming their front door. open and shut. i'm hoping that if indeed they are connected with the coal mine...nooo i'm not hoping that they get buried also...that they wont be here for the long-term.

i hate new neighbours.
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