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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i am just amazed...

that yesterday i didn't get on the computer with my return last evening..."whut the hell is wrong with me" huh.

maybe on shopping days i should blog from work. hmmm naah too many interruptions from those people types...harumphh...they'll fuck you all the bloody time.plus my office space is somewhat hokey. too much freaking paperwork needing file cabinets. bastids. my computer station and therefore my back faces the *eww* door...anybody sneaking up on me has the opportunity to see what i'm into. now if they would pay up for a lovely flat screen or better still a laptop HA! i'd be laughing. could then stick it all on my desk. and fuckem then what.

the fortnightly restock has been successfully completed. with not a fucktardo in my path...well that i can remember so maybe it really was fucktard free. on a couple of occasions during the aisle treks i amused myself by turning and looking behind me with a pained grimace on my face, eyes turned upwards, unseeing...sometimes my sister was the presence behind me and other times she was not. oh well eh. i do feel sorry for other shoppers but it really fucks with the shelf packers...especially when you do a few laps up their same aisle..."there's something wrong with that woman".

so ahhh, i am once again with zee household munchies. i have participated in le cheeseburgerathon with my sister. with the spare burger sitting in my fridge to be eaten at a later hour. wellll unless my son spies it and asks for it...then it's his. that is unless i hide it better than it is. will think more on this option.

and lookit me, here i be sitting with not four but FIVE days off...i love it when a public holiday [anzac day] hits on a workday. especially when it hits on a TUESDAY. ahaahaa i am just giddy with glee. no oldie day care next week = no activity to waste my weekend preparing for = happy. very happy me...someone please slap me before i start drooling...well drooling more. slap harder. yessss that's it. oh yeaah.

but really.

i don't reckon i could get into that slapping each other whilst in the throes of sex. because i do know if the LFB slapped me too hard that i would get pissy about it all. would probably start punching on him. so nooo, don't reckon that would be a good interest to have.

heard from my sister that our brother is sposed to be having visitors...[whut?? v'siters...yer mean cityfolk??]...his oldest standing mate, with saint of a wife and four pretty fucking bratty, squabbly heathen kidlets in tow and perhaps a...well it wouldn't bloody surprise me dog. afterall if they won't billet out them kids they certainly won't their dog. them kids are a nightmare at times.

so yes i am still deciding whether to bestow my presence upon them...guess will see how it pans out...but i know if i don't visit there's a good chance my brother and his mate will rock on up here. dunno if i want THAT either. i daresay a barbie will be on the books...was thinking hell might clean out my freezer and take some snags. i realised i have a shit load of them bagged up in two's, when i tried to find room for the new meat last night. oh well makes me clean out the stuff i haven't eaten in six months. some things a year.

fuck i'm a hoarder. no. no silent w.
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