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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

so now i'm on a...

drawing jag...frig the last time i had fun with drawing people how I see them was...erm...shiit about fifteen years ago. when i drew my workmates. heh. some were seen by just a select few. as some people have no sense of humour when it comes to their body bits...or what is suspected.

i know i would have got into some shit with drawing one of the doorman who was not particulary "liked" by the other staff. he WAS a bit of a plant [to be called a "plant' is an insult] was incredibly intelligent but alas he could also be incredibly boring with it. he just seemed to have the knack of adding the wrong thing into any conversation...not rude or anything...where you cringe when it just doesn't quite "fit" the conversation going on around the staff table. most times he was virtually ignored by the rest of the staff.

i actually didn't mind him at all...he was always happy to pull a shift which helped when doing the staff rosters...i think that's when i started to have more to do with him in conversations and every now and again he would "drop" something that was pretty funny. plus he never held it against me and took it in good humour when i'd tell him to "piss off geoffy yer boring the tits off me".

rumour had it that he had a big dick..."tsk, always the way hey"...so i drew him naked with a slug of a shlong a couple of feet long. come to think of it i drew quite a few of them naked. one girl used her one as her twenty first invite. i think i added a cossie to it then. for modesty's sake. can't have grandpa looking at that can we.

so guess what?...i went to work today!...beings it's wednesday this was no mean feat. so waayhey to moi. sent off some dept of veterans affairs paperwork that will bring us in some money...went thru the uncashed cheques and lo and behold that little fucking garden gnome of a handyman STILL hasn't cashed his three cheques totalling over eight hundred. you watch the little fucker will present them when the funds aren't in the account to cover it.

i'm still not really feelin' tha love for the new handyman.

fucken gnome...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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