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Saturday, April 22, 2006

hmmm all these deep downs...

about why we individually blog. made me examine why indeed i blog as well. i don’t do it to expunge my soul of shit...that is just “too” personal for me to do...i admire others that can and do use their blogs this way. maybe one day i will aye. but can't see it happening too soon in the future. hmmm maybe when i'm in the land of yanks and missing my clan :(

i mainly do it to pass the time...and well because i loikes it. i like that i can “listen” to who i want to listen to...under no real obligation. i like that i can *click* off when/if they someone bores/annoys me. i like that i can determine my involvement. how much or how little...i like that i have "met" many different but in a lot of way's like-minded people [mainly in humour]...i like that i can be away for a bit and then drop back in when i can/want too. i like that i can make an off the wall comment and it be appreciated by AT least someone.

sometimes i do wonder if i will get the time to "blog" when i am in the same land as my husband. already that makes me a tad antsy...he IS a time consuming little shit. plus with the three jobs i will need to work to get him out of the way he has been accustomed to living. heh. i'm gunna be fucked i think in having the time to blog. will not make a happy ME i do know that. and the worst thing about all that...i would have soo much more material to blog about. his family is pretty fuckednny.

then again i WILL be having sex.

psst...can i draw yer attention to the luverly scrolly link box over to the right hand side. heh bloody wunderful...thanks to DENISE and her easy to follow instructions...may camels never poop on yer porch lady!

oh and IF you were on there before and i have left you off...my sincerest apologies AND please gimme a yell. cheers.
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