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Monday, April 17, 2006

so buggerit...

i didn't get to traumatise my nieces and nephew by finding all the hidden eggs. they were unable to join us for the afternoon. but no worries i kept the foil wrappers that once contained their chocolate rabbits...*errp*...so will traumatise them via licking the wrappers when next i see them.

the latest niece that i shout is ME ALL OVER enjoyed her first easter. gummed and barely toothed a bunny ear to death then seemed to have added oomph in her roller derby walker antics. another reason to be wearing closed in shoes. rrraooow straight over them.

so ewwww its bloody tuesday tomorrow...got me old tarts...i knew i was sposed to win that bloody lotto last week. last week? yeah pretty sure it was last week. didn't buy a ticket this week...they can stick their fucking tickets...welll until the next coupla million draw.

been assaulted by all christy movies this weekend...as you would expect. watched mel's "the passion..." the other night. enjoyed it, very visual. and tonight is the second part of some ten commandment movie, but i missed the first part last night so why bother for tonight's ending of it.

that's one thing with tele here you can bet your last arse freckle if someone is dead. on their anniversary [for want of a better word] the viewing becomes 'celebration of their life' time. especially on channel seven. elvis movies on his birth and death days...for weeks leading up to and beyond. bob hope movies on his birth and death days. tho, i like when they do the charles bronson and john wayne ones. so i guess it all evens out huh.

i do notice over on blogster that *cough* friends are trying to resurrect utopia. wonder if that can/will be done, as it is in...cripes got carried away there for a tad. tho i have to giggle a bit, i can see good ole steve continuing with the battle of reinstatement. using that computer cunning of his. he is crazy, crazy like a fox. he will nevaah surrender.

gawd bless steve.
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