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Monday, April 24, 2006

so to give you some idea...

of what those around me look like...well look like to me. in my minds eye...well it has to be in my minds eye don't it. because it's not like i have a digital camera...*sigh*...anyway amused myself to a big degree last night into this morning now into the afternoon...by drawing some of the folk that make an appearance into zis zee blog...

this is super-squirrel's family in a nutshell. heh. ha ha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

super squirrel is a wannabe fireman in all meanings on the wannabe part. he carries the super-squirrel tools, dons the super-squirrel attire and utters the super-squirrel questions. super-squirrel often get’s told he can NOT go down to the firehouse to play! super-squirrel sulks. has been heard to cry out in anguish... “you just don’t want me to *waaaail* live my dreaaam”...yes, my husband made him cry that line out. he is such a meanie.

tempest, super-squirrels wife is a brewding wife...[ha. cross between brewing/brooding]...she sleeps. a lot. used to be a mild mannered “good but lazy” wife...then she had a hysterectomy and took up a job. super-squirrel tries tempest’s patience by being “A” super-squirrel. a lot. tempest informs super squirrel of this. a lot.

super-squirrel and tempest begat two girls...the bad seeds, BS1 and BS2.

BS1 is a needy like kid, if you pay her the merest speck of attention she is in your face demanding the rest of it. which as you would know...not only gets tiring but very fucking annoying. i do feel sorry for her...i really do...but at the same time i ain’t no saint. so depending on my mood...i either could pay her that speck or i couldn’t..."don't LOOK at her...she'll come over"...she is mean, spiteful and throws a helluva good tantrum.

BS2 is almost a replica of her sister but slightly more cherub like. two years younger and ten years bolder. has periods of soo much sweetness and cheekiness she just shines. not nearly as needy. she can also be mean, no so much spiteful but is riiight up there in the heights of tantrum throwing.

the rest of the family living in the same house spend more time with BS 1 and 2. raising, organising, feeding, disciplining...it's the other time when the parents are involved that drags BS1 and 2 ten steps back to bad seed-dom. pity. they spend oodles of cash shutting up the bad seeds. they also happen to spend oodles of time moaning about how rotten the bad seeds are. unfortunate that they don't just spend the "what's needed" time. sad.
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