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Sunday, April 23, 2006


somebody is moving into the flat opposite.


you know what this means...they will feel the need to introduce themselves. sooner or later the time will come. people just can't help themselves. fuckers.

so this has just put me in a cruddy mood.

and if they are going to continue the need to close their fucking car door and/or boot after every fucking trip in unpacking their shit i will be screaming very. very. soon. it ain't exactly inner sydney nobody is gunna run off with yer fucking stuff. leave the fuck-king doors open. takes less effort. dicksuckers.

i have had exactly one week and two days of the opposite flat being dweller free. that is so not fair.

oh hang on must go peek out my sons bedroom to see how good they managed to navigate their parking spot.

added on about forty-five minutes later...

crap!...was hoping sally next door would arrive home when they were still parked blocking the driveway.

"is nothing going to go right for me"
Posted by apositivepessimist :: 5:42 am :: 6 comments

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