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Monday, April 24, 2006

oh how i love...

to be woken by the gentle [ha] rumbling of a diesel ute starting up and idling for twenty minutes [oh wonderful...they have two vehicles] in the early am. then going out. but coming right back within five minutes...THREE fucking times. is it too much to ask that people get their fucking act together for the one vehicle outing. guess fucking so by the amount of times both their vehicles have been in and out today...so far.

i guess the rearranging of my lounge room the other night put me in prime surveillance position for some of their going on’s. fuck me for needing to do that for warmth. i still have the twinges of a slightly sore neck from all that twisting trying to get a sneak peek at them from the lounge lizard possie i had going on this morning. heh.

they appear to be a somewhat older man...just going on his grey headed friar tucks hair style...and a black haired woman. dunno if it's a husband/wife, father/daughter combo yet...guess i will wait fer kisses before i can decipher the relationship. if there is tongue i will know for sure, that is, unless they are tasmanians then it will be harder to tell their relationship. i am somewhat mollified that there are TWO of them...they may not feel the need to seek outside company.

he seems to have a predilection for hanging around outside to make phone calls. so i do hope they get the landline put on soon, maybe wont need the mobile phone therefore easing the situation of seeing him pacing up and down out front, yabbering. six times so far. yap, yap...walk, walk...yap, yap...turnaround, walk, walk...blah...go out into yer backyard. wanker.

tho now after just a part night and day...i no longer feel the need to remain “quiet” in what goes on, in and around my flat. ‘cause sure as fuck nobody else around here seems to have the same thought. yep vacuuming at midnight will ONCE again become part of my repertoire of nightly events. with my music turned up loud enough so i can hear it over my vacuum.

yeah...suck eggs to them.

ohh just heard on the news about some dude on trial for killing his mother. now i dunno about you but i would never have considered calling my son norman. i mean did we not learn anything from that psycho hitchcock. heh. funny “bad to the bone” just come on the radio.
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