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Sunday, April 23, 2006

so goodness knows...

*slaps my face in mock horror*...what got into me early last night...

I rearranged MOST things in my lounge room AND bloody vacuumed..."oh help me jesus". dusted and de-cobwebbed the area...well all except this web inhabited by this bigger blacker spider. I need to kill it first before it gets the best headjob of its life. All the insect shells I found behind and beneath my lounge suite, well them I like to think self-dissolved but I do have suspicions that it is the spiders sucking their insecty goodness out and leaving me the husks...

Really, I do KNOW what got into me...the colder night got into me so had to change out of summer lounge room style and into winter style. Will soon be firing up the heater...I did try it earlier but the gas must not be turned on and buggered if I am going outside to turn it on.

Ohhh i forgot to tell...for a few minutes there last night I thought I was about to be radiated. Could see this continual flash coming from the kitchen, sometimes it would flare up and then lower etc. Making a zzzitting noise...thought WTF is THAT...well, WTF it was, was my oven having a spaz attack and burning thru its coil in the bottom of the oven. Thank buggery my chicken drumsticks were cooked already. But dammit now I will have to deal with the real estate office...guess I'll find out if they are dickheads about fixing stuff huh.

I have already been forewarned that they are right pricks about getting your six weeks bond back. But I suspect it could have been a "just" case of non refundable bond. Just going on this wall facing me where it looks like it was definitely possibly used as a dartboard. Not kidding.

Dunno if i have said this...if i have just *nod and smile* and ignore me...but I re-potted my spider-plant, was about time tho, I'd been meaning to do it fer ages. Instead I would just look at it pitifully at least once a day, whilst telling myself I should re-pot it...I think I hear it "blessing" me for paying attention to myself and actually doing it. Finally.

So I can't get back into blogmad since it spat it's dummy out...one today I may did get the thumb out of my bum and rejoin it...and typical just when I took/made the effort to actually put in a profile. Oh well eh. Time will decide if I bother with it doing my profile again. Although it IS good for finding other blogs so maybe it wasn't a waste of time and it does quench my thirst in sticking me thumb up people's bums....ha ha ha what a disgusting line.

Anyway. I must like the look of my newly re-arranged lounge room I keep stopping with the typing and looking at it. ahhhhh. sometimes I CAN give a damn scarlett.

ohhh and jest fer babs...taadaah I made somethun' fer youuuu...

Whoopsie...deleted it from image shack...oh well aye.

Was after two showers,had to wait for it to dry out don't want a fucked up scanner do we...noooo we don't...eww it looks disgusting...I did drop it on the bathroom floor before I vacuumed, sure is a dust collector.
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