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~got nothing but toejam~
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Thursday, April 13, 2006


i am in a simply fabbo-lous mood. no reason.

does that make me craaaziiee. probableee...ooo oh yeah...c'mon now who do you think you aaaree.

okay stop me singing. now. please.

...ookay about three hours after i first wrote the above...

funny. not so fabulous now. no reason.


you know i could really get into easter, if they made the public holidays on the days that i actually worked. i feel that i am being gypped by good friday and easter monday falling on my days off. then again them useless bastards that mandate my hours could up them from three days a week to at least four. tight arse fucknuts. if just at least during the easter period. then I would feel some benefit from having public holidays in our calendar.

anyway. here i be on the cusp of my four days off. yet again. gee aye how the week has flown. funny how it does that when you wag a day. heh. i graced my office with my presence today. yesss i knooow. i reckon if they done those awards for best employee's i'd win hands down. no doubt.

but seriously, i am glad they don't do that...i always feel sorry for the workers that have workplaces that have that practice. where they stick a big photo plaque on a wall that everyone can see. fellow workers and customers alike. i mean c'mon now. wouldn't you feel like a poonce. now...if it was a workplace that said fuck the photo here's a cheque for a few hundred i'd be really, reallly good.

so anyway, i successfully sent off my data that is mandatory to my programs funding. and let me add here...well before the deadline date for it...think that's a first for me. usually i am the collector of the automated email... "just a friendly reminder that we still have not received your mds report"...not once, not twice but thrice in the month leading up to the end of the quarter. there should be an award for that.

listened to the doctor's receptionist bitch about her job...listened to the community nurse bitch about her job...listened to the domestic staff of one bitch about her job. i did no bitching in return. say whut! welll that's not right. heh.

i know that when they are bitching/talking i really need not pay any deep attention to their words...just look like i am, by interjecting with "the whats! the realllys??" accompanied by the occasional nods. whilst carrying on the running commentary in my head..."yes, yes you mentioned this yesterday to me...aww ffs get on with it...i'm dyyyying here...aww crap! now my body appendages are starting to get agitated...did my eye just twitch then?...hold on foot!! won't be long now...surely they are nearly done."

if we are outside having a smoke whilst any yabbering is going on...i do get the bonus of being able to "watch" them behind my sunnies. today i re-noticed that the community nurse has the ugliest fucken toes. really, some toes should never be released on the public and she has a set of them. ugly, ugly, ugly. unclipped nails and just filthy with dirt and grime i'm betting nobody would be volunteering to suck them little fuglies.

even got a visit in with the brother and family. plus home in time to ring the LFB at two pm. so all in all not a bad bloody day...except fer those ugly toes.
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