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Monday, April 03, 2006

well bugger...

i am sad to report that i am not, i repeat not sitting here four million bucks richer...not that i would probably report it here if i was...it's alll mine i tell ya. so i guess i will be buying a ticket in next weeks draw after all...it actually being the one for twenty-one million, which i did think was this weeks draw hence the ticket buying.

so what have i done with myself over the past couple of days...hmmm nothing out of the ordinary. well you don't really expect anything BUT the ordinary to happen here with me. eh.

tho a lesson was learnt...before i plop down on the loo to release my bowels, do check to see if the fruit of my loins has raised his blind in the room directly opposite. would save that eye to eye contact with the neighbours ex-boyfriend driving into the complex. no, i don't bloody close the door...such a small space and with just me [usually] here. welll, i don't see the need for it really. so glad i wasn't doing the screwed up face straining look. how unbecoming.

good gawd i wish i had a few cones in me...life is so much more quicker when i have. not to mention i can amuse myself more. did i tell you a couple of weeks back that i resorted to asking at the chemists for a bottle of nyquil? no? yes? anyway, yes i did...bloody don't have it do they...the one assistant i asked called the other one over and then a conversation ensued over it...they'd never frigging heard of it. so i came home with some crappy stuff called nyal instead. could hardly walk out without something after all the quizzing etc. fuck.

oh well, life drones on unaided i guess.

i swear there is more fucking traffic coming and going from these flats than in the whole township. in...out...in...out. if it's not the neighbours ex-boyfriend bubba, its her ex-husband doug, if it's not them, it's her tootling in and out. constantly. i am seriously thinking of putting in a carpet of road spikes...may slow them up with the in and out bizo for a bit.

welll helloo to missus crabby pants. meh.
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